Pink Oyster Liquid Mushroom Culture P. salmoneostramineus FREE culture with multiple purchase


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At Prime Fungi we are offering you the finest gourmet, medicinal and hobby mushroom cultures.


You will receive a FREE randomly chosen culture when purchasing more than one.
This free gift is just our way of saying "thank you"

Pink oyster is a delicious and easy to grow mushroom. Its texture is described as meaty and chewy. Resembling ham when pan fried crispy and with the addition of smoke flavoring it is quite similar to smoked bacon.
Try pink oyster as vegetarian friendly BBQ pulled pork substitute.

Please store pink oyster liquid culture at room temperature, ideally around 70°F, it is a tropical mushroom and it does not like the cold.

Use this liquid culture to start growing your own beautiful mushrooms.
Each culture contains 12 milliliters of pure liquid mushroom mycelium in a disposable syringe with a needle.
Liquid cultures are typically used to inoculate sterilized grain spawn to grow out the mycelium to ultimately produce mushrooms.

Please use caution with needle and syringe and keep away from children and pets.

Liquid cultures are guaranteed to be free from contamination within 30 days or we will replace or refund your order.

Enjoy growing your very own mushrooms.
We wish you a beautiful and plentiful grow.

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