Master Cordyceps militaris kit, makes a great gift!

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Cordyceps kit includes everything you need to grow Cordyceps except for an autoclave and quart mason jars
(if requested we can give a recommendation for an inexpensive source for those two items at your local big box store)

Step by step method that makes this easy for anyone to do.
This kit has been put together with simplicity and affordability in mind.

So what's included...

6 Cordyceps militaris liquid cultures

6 Mason jar lids with injection port and 0.3 micron filter patches

6 Nutrient rich brown rice bags

6 Sterile Needles

6 Alcohol prep pads

6 pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil

A pair of large nitrile gloves

Easy to follow guidelines

What you will need to obtain...

A sterilizer that can hold 6 quart mason jars

6 glass mason jars, quart size

6 lid rings (they come with the jars you will be buying)

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