Glow In The Dark Mushroom Log, Bioluminescent Panellus stipticus Grow Log Is Excellent For Terrariums And Makes A Great Gift!


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"The mushroom that glows as it grows™"
Grow your very own bioluminescent mushrooms!
Panellus stipticus is a bioluminescent mushroom species that glows all on it's own without any "charge" from a light source or an ultraviolet light.
After giving your eyes some time to adjust to darkness you can see it glowing in a very dark room.

Make this unique specimen the centerpiece highlight of your terrarium or give it as a gift to someone who loves creativity and science.

You will receive a terrarium ready bioluminescent log. this log is ready to glow and fully of heathy living mycelium of the species Panellus stipticus.
You will receive a USPS tracking number. Please be sure someone will be available to receive the package when it arrives in the mail. Just like any living thing, we wouldn't want it sitting in a freezing cold or scorching hot mailbox.
The log is approximately 9-10 inches long by 3-4 inches in diameter.

When it arrives you can check to see if its glowing by taking it into a completely dark room and allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness for at least 10 minutes. it you see it glowing that's wonderful! if not then don't worry, some of our bioluminescent logs are sent out in a dormant stage. Either way if it is currently glowing or not you should soak the log in clean water for around 12 hours. By soaking you will be adding the necessary moisture and this will "shock" the mycelium into producing the fruitbodies we call mushrooms.
After shocking for 12 hours you can gently dry it off with a towel and place it inside your terrarium. Inside the terrarium keep lots of moist moss to keep the humidity high. This will encourage the mushrooms to grow. If you don't have some sort of terrarium or container to put the log in then that's ok, you can keep it in a moist shady place outdoors.

A care sheet with easy to follow instructions will be included with each order.

Enjoy growing your very own bioluminescent mushrooms!

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