XL Gourmet Mushroom Substrate Jars, PF Tek Brown Rice Flour Vermiculite Cake Jar with filter patch and injection port


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Extra large! Twice the size of most others means bigger and more plentiful mushrooms!!!

Pint size substrate jars are filled with brown rice flour, gypsum and mineral rich vermiculite that's perfectly hydrated with coffee infused water.

The lids have a .3 microns white fiber filter that allows for the proper exchange of gases while filtering out harmful contamination. The lids have a gray injection port where you can use a needle and gourmet mushroom spore/culture syringe to inject into.

We recommend researching the process of growing mushrooms with "PF tek brown rice cakes" prior to purchasing so that you understand the technique for a successful harvest.

Jars are double the size of most other competitors and are fully sterilized and ready to use.

1 Jar, 6 Jars or 12 Jars you chose and save $

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