Bioluminescent glow in the dark living mushrooms, Live Panellus stipticus mycelium growing in a mason jar

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"The mushroom that glows as it grows™"
Grow your very own bioluminescent mushrooms!
Panellus stipticus is a bioluminescent mushroom species that glows all on it's own without any "charge" from a light source or an ultraviolet light.
After giving your eyes some time to adjust to darkness you can see it glowing in a very dark room.

You will receive a glass jar of living Panellus stipticus mushroom mycelium growing in a nutritious substrate.
The jar will be already fruiting mushrooms and they will continue to grow and glow for a very long time.

A care sheet with easy to follow instructions will be included with each order.

Enjoy growing your very own bioluminescent mushrooms!

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